Project Development

GIS / Site selection

Using modern geographic information systems (GIS), ECC performs the search for suitable sites for different types of power plants, analyzes all relevant information on the potential sites and evaluates the results. The investigation is customized according to the specific needs and can be carried out on a number of pre-defined land plots, a specific region or even a whole country or geographical region.

Authorization process

ECC manages the whole authorization process, from the land acquisition until obtaining of building permit and grid connection permit. Thereby ensuring the legal authorization of the project. 
In this context we handle the whole communication and administrative procedures with the affected stakeholders such as land owners, relevant authorities (e.g. city hall, environmental agency, ...), grid operator(s), etc.


Technical Design & Planning

ECC designs and plans the projects according to the characteristics of the site: wind conditions, topography, geology as well as available insfrastructure and transportation possibilities, to only mention some of the most important factors. 
Our special focus lays on the optimization of energy yield at the available site, ensuring at the same time a low level of risk for the investor(s) and heigh standards of safety for the on-site personal.

Supply Chain & Building planning

Building a renewable energy plant implies that all necessary components and parts are delivered to the site. Through detailed analysis, ECC defines the best solution for the whole supply chain from the different suppliers to the site, considering economical, environmental and timely aspects, and also plans its excecution.

Project Documentation

A very important part of a good project is its documentation. This is especially the case for getting a bank financing. ECC establishes the complete project documentation according to standards that satisfy all relevant stakeholders, which are: local and national authorities, potential investors, banks, EPC contractors and plant operators.


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