Operational Management

Technical Management

As responsible of the technical operational management, ECC is monitoring the operations of several wind turbines all over Europe. Every hour that a power plant is stopped due to technical issues, reduces its total power output, and consequently costs money. This is why ECC's aim, as an experienced plant manager, is to ensure maximum output from the investment by minimizing the down times and technically optimizing the production during operation time.

Specifically ECC is controlling the maintenance interventions at the site and is taking care of all the issues related to the operation of the turbine. Every month, summary reports are produced and at the end of each year also a yearly report is produced and the main information transmitted to the investors. Together with local partners, ECC ensures the implementation and manages the execution of:

- Analysis and evaluation of operating data

- Remote monitoring

- Management and review of the documentation

- Monitoring of the maintenance and service

- Monthly and Yearly reporting

- Communication with turbine´s manufacturer

- Optimization of the energy production

- Establishing of Maintenance plan


Commercial Management

To ensure maximum financial efficiency and transparency of the operation of a renewable energy power plant, a professional and consistent commercial management is indispensable. As part of a wholistic approach of operational management ECC takes care of:

- Energy marketing (direct sell and/or comercialization via incentive schemes)

- Bookkeeping and accounting (including monthly summaries and yearly reports)

- Insurance management

- Contract management

- Communication with public authorities

- Reporting to relevant stakeholders (e.g. investors, banks)

- Optimization of financial structure and liquidity


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