Consulting & other Services

Technical Due Diligence

ECC offers both buyers and vendors technical Due Diligence. As part of a Due Diligence we perform a detailed analysis of the technical condition of a renewable energy power plant in terms of:

Correct installation and commissioning

Status of maintenance

Identification of urgently required repair works

- Need and / or potential for overhauling

- Remaining life time

- Potential for optimization

- Identification of hidden failures.

- Identification of so called "hidden treasures".


Technology Transfer

ECC advises private and governmental companies and institutions in concept developing with local content strategies.

On the operational level, through the projecting and implementation of pilot projects, know-how transfer through theoretical and on-the job training. And also on the manufacturing and supply chain level, through the development of concepts for the establishment of national manufacturing capacities and component production in emerging markets.

Project Financing

Depending on the site, project size and country, ECC and its affiliated companies within the Corporate Energies Group supports in the selection of the right partner bank or funding institution for projects in Germany and/or abroad and chairs negotiations. In this area ECC, Green Energy World and other affiliated companies within the Corporate energies group, can rely on its long term experience in the topic and its broad network in the industry.


For further information to our services you are welcome to contact:

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