10/30/13 00:00

Energy Competence Centre establishes new subsidiary in Azerbaijan

30 Oct 2013 | In october 2013 Energy Competence Centre Azerbaijan SLR (ECC.AZ) has been founded as a subsidiary company of Energy Competence Centre GmbH. From Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan, the new ECC.AZ provides a wide range of services such as project development and management, operation and maintenance, finance and legal support, construction and staff trainings for renewable energy projects.

As one of the first activities, ECC.AZ has successfully conducted a delicate intervention on behalf of our client Khazar Youth Scientific Technical Center, in the wind park of Yeni Yashma. The service requested included the disassembling and montage of one VESTAS V39 blade on site.

The engineering experts of ECC.AZ, familiar with this kind of operations and experienced in mounting and commissioning this specific turbine type, were able, with the support of the local infrastructure to take down the turbine's rotor and dismantle the damaged blade for substitution.

The next step of the project will include the transportation of the missing blade to Azerbaijan for the consequent assembling of the rotor and final commissioning of the turbine.