02/28/14 14:46

Energy Competence Centre establishes new subsidiary in the Philippines

28 Feb 2014 | New subsidiary TRICONTI ECC RENEWABLES CORPORATION (TECC) will be hub for Southeast Asia / Joint Venture with Tri-Conti Elements Corporation

Energy Competence Centre (ECC) further expands its international project business into Southeast Asia. From Manila, the capital city of the Philippines, the new joint venture TRICONTI ECC RENEWABLES CORPORATION (TECC) will focus on development and management of solar and wind projects on the Philippines. TRICONTI ECC RENEWABLES CORPORATION is a joint venture between ECC and the local corporation Tri-Conti Elements Corporation.

The joint venture is going to be a win-win-situation for both companies: With Tri-Conti Elements Corporation, ECC has a local partner who has the necessary contacts and the respective network for a successful implementation of renewable energy projects; with ECC, Tri-Conti Elements Corporation has an internationally renowned partner at its side to realized potential projects.

The first projects will be realized in the upcoming year. "We are evaluating solar and wind parks. Photovoltaic and wind energy offer the region a great chance for sustainable economic development and energy production independent from the continent", says Michael Klein, managing director of Energy Competence Centre.