09/24/15 10:41

Philippines: Grid Impact study on Project AKLAN 1 completed

24 Sep 2015 | Another step forward has been taken towards the realisation of our project in the Philippines. The grid impact study (GIS) conducted by a local grid network expert has revealed no obstacles to the connection of our wind park to the existing grid facilities.

In July 2015 Triconti ECC (TECC) has hired an external grid consultant for the realisation of the Grid Impact Study, a report that is compulsorily required by the National Grid Corporation (NGCP) in order to show the possible solutions adopted for the connection of the renewable energy plant and its impact on the existing grid facilities. 

The System Impact Study revealed that the addition of the Wind Farm Project's capacity has no significant system impact on the reliability, stability and operating characteristics of the Visayas power transmission system. No network upgrades are needed except those at the new substation which are directly related to the Project's interconnection.

The study has been finalised at the end of August and is now under the evaluation of NGCP's engineers.

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