11/13/15 11:50

ECC starts Feasibility Studies for Wind Farm Project in Switzerland

13 November 2015 | A wind measuring mast at a height of approximately 1,928 metres above sea level has been commissioned in Switzerland for the evaluation of the practicability of a potential wind farm project in the Canton Obwalden.

Within the next 12 months reliable data can be collected regarding the wind and weather conditions at this location. For a better understanding of the wind conditions, a total number of four anemometers at three different heights have been installed. The top anemometer is at a height of 62.1 metres. Furthermore 2 windvanes, a thermometer, a barometer and a humidity sensor ensure that the measuring campaign is going to fulfil the Measnet and IEC 61400-12-1 requirements.

Results of the wind measuring campaign will deliver detailed information about wind conditions at this location and minimise potential business risks.

Martin Tittman, project developer at ECC, "During the transport of the wind measuring mast and equipment, it became clear, that if the results for a possible wind park will be positive, the roads have to be extended for heavy transport. Currently the curves are too small, the slopes too steep and the roads to narrow for the transport of a modern wind turbine."

Location is at complex terrain, not only for the planned wind energy converter. The wind measuring mast has to survive and deliver reliable data with temperatures up to -20°C and a snow height up to 2 metres during winter time. Therefore all wind sensors are heatable and powered by a 900 watt photovoltaic and 600 watt small scale wind turbine. Together with a battery bank, which could power up to 12 cars, continuous operations should be ensured.

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