International and interdisciplinary expertise - supporting your success

Our team, consisting of engineers, economists, lawyers, geographers, political scientists and IT-specialists, guarantees a high quality project completion.

Thanks to its integrated skills and experience, Energy Competence Centre GmbH (ECC) is a first choice business partner on existing and emerging international renewable energy markets.

What is peculiar about our services is the integration of local experts concerning regulations and language. Working together with local partners, ECC can provide a well-founded knowledge on the country's political and legal framework, and is continually extending this expertise to other renewable energy markets.

Our competencies at a glance:

Extensive expertise in various engineering disciplines, project management, finance, laws, geography, politics, and languages

Employees with long term country-specific professional experience in analysing, developing and supervising renewable energy projects

Project managers and developers with native languages German, Romanian, Italian, Bulgarian, French Russian and Azerbaijani

Systematic integration of country-specific experience  into our own general project development process